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Cannabis Couch Surfers is for those that would rather stay with someone they are comfortable with and possibly trade services, barter, or stay for free, whatever you & the host arrange.

The site is a listing exchange set up to help share knowledge, foster friendships & provide a safe passage when you go some place new for you. You can also use it locally to find new like-minded friends.

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Cannabis Couch Surfers is for those who use Marijuana as an alternative treatment for various conditions such as: Cancer – nausea, AIDS, Neuropathy -pain, Multiple sclerosis – Muscle cramps, Lou Gherigs disease- joint movement, Crohn’s disease- stomach cramps. It helps with appetite suppression from medication & depression, also recommended in medical books for menstrual cramps.

One of the advantages of joining the site is the potential to travel free, stay with someone knowledgeable about the area & have a memorable experience.

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Welcome to Ed Lugo Resort  Wilton Manors South Florida Wilton Manors, Florida We cater to special travelers who are looking for more that an ordinary hotel & will customize our service to meet your needs. Luxury 2-bedroom suites and a one bedroom suite in the center of Wilton Manors. JOIN TO VIEW

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